Permanent Botanical Products

Designed to achieve the highest level of lifelike and sophistication, our permanent botanical products are created with care and attention to detail. The meticulous production process merits a better word than ‘artificial’ or ‘fake’, convincing the eye of any skeptic. These home accents will allow you to surround yourself with beauty 365 days a year. We offer a range of extraordinary floral products, plants and stems for a spectrum of projects like unique centerpiece arrangements, modern end table vignettes, and mood enhancing room accents. Many items can be carrier shipped if that is your preference, as we can discuss the availability of shipping any specific item for you upon your request.


Custom Floral Arrangements

Every holiday, event, or special occasion is unique. We can help create a lush table showcase for your next dinner party or a charming bedside table vignette in your guest room. Perhaps a garden inspired centerpiece in the breakfast nook or a simple floor piece to bring life to your work space. With an emphasis on romantic natural elegance, we urge you to take advantage of our artistic ability to transform your space. We are happy to provide a helping hand and add a touch of artistic beauty to your home or office décor.


Styles of Botanical Products

Colorful Floral Specimen

Styles such as peonies, ranunculus, hydrangea, geraniums, tulips, roses, and many more will brighten your décor in any setting. These superb quality products will fill your eyes with astounding color and grace, creating the perfect scene all year long. Everlasting beauty is at your beckoning.


After you choose a vessel that suits your style, sashay on over to our orchid display for a varied selection of height and species of exotic orchids. Orchids provide suitable foliage to match your look, add a touch of moss and of course finish it off with a realistic element like a bamboo stick, if that is your preference.

Life-Like Succulents

Our succulent selections offer a range of choice, along with air plants that can be arranged in unique vessels such as an oversized dough bowl or even a small coffee mug for a place setting. The range of colors and shapes allow you to achieve your desired look without much hassle.


You can select extraordinary greens of many varieties, also in a wonderful selection of lengths, hues, and variegation. Varieties include many of the vast array of ivy species, which are truly too many to mention. The spectrum of availability in length and style provides endless combinations to suit any design circumstance. Greens will add enormous balance to your prized finished design.

Trees and Plants

Brighten any room with our selection of realistic floor houseplants. Custom trees abound; from fiddle leaf fig trees, ficus trees, fishtail palms, kentia palms, white birch trees, olive trees, lemon trees, to name a few. We can customize any size tree to fit your home or office décor scheme. You don’t need a green thumb to add foliage textures to your home or office.

Water Garden

Add the clean look of ‘Fresh Cut’ with acrylic water-look to any glass vessel. The classic appeal of cut flowers in a vessel of water creates a timeless look worthy of any table setting in your home or office. The strength of acrylic and its ability to remain clear and not yellow offers a timeless addition to your décor.

Outdoor UV

Consider the addition of UV protected permanent florals to your outdoor area. These florals can range from grasses to succulents and everything in-between. They clearly add a maintenance free, water conserving beautiful array to your outdoor garden area.




Many of our beautiful choices for a container reside in a plethora of cultured ceramic or stone revealed in natural colors, along with many ornate ceramic glaze combinations to satisfy the most detailed oriented clients. Whether a small ceramic for a cute table piece, or an extra large ceramic urn suitable for large trees, we can accommodate your need.


Whether your choice is clay or moss covered clay, either provides a garden appeal hard to find anywhere. The down-to-earth appeal of clay creates a warmth hard to reject. You will feel like you are sitting in your spring garden.


There are many varieties of zinc with a diverse configuration and coloration available. The standard black zinc provides a sophisticated look in any outdoor patio, as well as a standard in any interior décor.


This vessel line comes in a wide array of shapes and sizes and a full spectrum of colors. They are undoubtedly a great choice for exterior performance in virtually any climate, but excel in Southern California’s climate.


It’s hard to beat the warmth of wood. Wood vessels come in a host of sizes and shapes to satisfy any room setting, whether casual or sophisticated. Wood delivers every time as classically unique.


Glass vessels are perhaps the most elegant, with a wide array of shapes and sizes ready to fit any décor. The clean lines of glass create a formal appeal when formality is required.